HGA Shipping Policies

• For Cerakote and Gunsmith Services; The customer is responsible for shipment of their firearm to us, return shipping is free. 

• Before you ship your firearm to us contact us by email for a PDF copy of our FFL license. Email is [email protected] 

• Print out a copy of our license and take the copy of our FFL with you when you take the item to be shipped in case the shipper wants to see it. After the shipper (UPS or Fedex preferably) reviews the license and you declare you are shipping a firearm, place the copy of our license in the box you are shipping your firearm in. 

• Include reliable contact information and a description of the gunsmith service required or paint scheme desired along with your shipment.

• Do not ship ammunition to us.

• If you are shipping a Suppressor / Silencer to us for custom paint you must include a note / message stating that you are sending your Suppressor / Silencer to Hinds Gunworks & Armament, LLC for refinishing / repair along with a copy of your tax stamp. 

• Unless you have an FFL do not ship handguns to HGA through the US Post Office.

• Our shipping address is:

                                      Hinds Gunworks & Armament, LLC

                                      Attn: Eric Hinds

                                      13239 Burley Hill Rd.

                                      Junction City, KS 66441